Things to buy, and Seed Varieties.

So plans for this year.. hmm…

~Planting Materials~

*Buy a few more large, round pots – for courgettes, beans, tomatoes etc. Drainage with polystyrene, as last year, but with smaller chips (‘packing peanuts’ rather than large chunks), and a brick or two as needed for the taller toms etc.

*Also plan to stock up on some fleece from poundland, and construct myself some basic hoops to hang it over for the inevitable ‘argh planted it out too early’. I have plenty of liquid seaweed and tomato feed so should be good for those.

*Compost is of course the big issue, as I don’t have a car. A ‘bargain’ shop local to my work have 40litre bags for £1.99 so I may look into cadging a lift from someone and loading up.


*Last year’s courgettes were a success, so I’ll be carrying on with them – but maybe in a pot rather than a growbag (or a growbag-in-a-pot!). Last year i started with small plants bought from the garden centre, this year I’ll be going from seed.

* Tomatoes – ‘gardener’s delight’ as last year, but also ‘tumbling tom’ – another cherry variety more suited to pots as it’s ‘bushy’ rather than tall-and-susceptible-to-wind. I also have some ‘Tigerella’ seeds which I’ll get going if I have space, but I’m only really a fan of cherry tomatoes so these aren’t high on the priorities list.

* Salad crops – mixed salad leaves, rocket, and scarlet globe and french breakfast radish. All of these should be quick croppers so i intend on regularly planting these in whatever pots are to hand.

*Basil, chilli, and any other herbs that seem interesting – inside on the windowsill.

*Beetroot – another new one for me, I picked up some ‘boltardy’ seeds the other day. Packet recommends to harvest at golf-ball size so should be okay in pots?

*Beans – I grew ‘kitchen favourite’, a drawf french bean, sucessfully in pots last year, and will give it another go – this time in larger quantities. Both me and the boyfriend can’t get enough of raw beans so whatever I produce will get scoffed down :)

*Spring Onion – picked these up on a whim the other day with Wilkinson’s BOGOF seed offer. I’ll have to look into how to grow them :)

*Blackcurrant plant – I bought one of these from Poundland as it looked healthy (new green shoots), and I can’t resist a bargain. That said, I have no idea what to do with it :)

I’m a bit of a sucker for seeds so no doubt I’ll find some others over the next few weeks :)


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