Getting this year’s seeds started.

I’ve been eagerly counting down to ‘growing season’ for quite awhile now, and today (out of sheer boredom more than anything else) I decided to start off some mixed salad leaves and radish (scarlett globe and french breakfast) – indoors in unheated propagators (I also put a few globe radish seeds in a terracotta pot on the windowsill, unlikely to work but if it does brilliant!). Not sure if they’ll do well as everywhere just says to plant them out directly from about now, but it’s freezing still here so i reckoned this, followed in a couple weeks by planting outdoors, was the ‘lesser of two evils’. If it doesn’t work.. eh *shrugs* I’ll plant some more directly outside.

I also planted some cayenne pepper seeds – again in cells in the propagator. I would have reckoned it too early but the packet says feb onwards so what the hell :) I plan on chilli, basil etc as indoor, ‘windowsill’ plants, so i spose it should be fine.

As for the propagators.. last year i used a bit of a motley collection of containers for growing my seedlings, and given that I’m of the anal persuasion and find non-matching containers intensely irritating, I decided to go for some stronger, thick plastic ones. I got 4 of them – from Wilkinsons – at less than £2.50 apiece. They hold ‘cell’ trays nicely (with a tiny bit cut off the edges), or whatever other pots are to hand – I’ve got mine set up and waiting with cell trays, loo-roll-tubes cut in half, and a few peat pots left over from last year (before it occurred to me how nasty peat pots are).


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