Plans for the garden, raised bed and container issues.

Now, garden wise…

I live in a rented house with an appalling boggy clay soil. Last year i did start the beginnings of digging up some overgrown ground at the end of the garden, before realising a) it would take months of digging, and b) the soil was sodden, even with little rain, and full of weeds. So that went on hold.

This year, I decided that a little spot behind the shed would be perfect – it’s raised a little so the soil should be drier, if still clay, protected on two sides from the rather gusty winds we get in the garden, but still open to sunshine. The only *slight* stumbling block is that smack in the way on this patch is an old metal bin full of bloody engine oil that the previous occupant left behind. So I have to find some way of getting rid of that – or at least moving it. Or, I dunno, working round it at this rate :P

… Anyway. My plan is to build a small raised bed there, maybe 6-8ft square. Haven’t actually decided on building materials yet – there’s a pile of bricks behind the shed as well, which once I’ve gathered up the courage to move (ick spiders and things), I can figure out if there’s enough of them. Wood is another option, but reading other’s people’s stories I don’t particularly want to have to replace it every few years. I think I’d dig to maybe 0.5-1ft, and the mix with compost to double the volume and raise it.

The other plan is to continue my container planting from last year. I did fairly well last year with just a couple of growbags, 2 smallish ‘window box’ type pots and a larger round one with a wigwam of dwarf beans in. The box pots had cherry tomatoes which did surprisingly well, hindered only by the fact that they got blown over by the wind a couple of times :D

… Will ponder further on varieties, exact planting etc in my next post :)


3 Comments to “Plans for the garden, raised bed and container issues.”

  1. just a thought. is it really that much in the way? my point is: if you’re sure its not leaking (ick thought) could you not just plant something that will grow tall – beans or something and do a wigwam around the thing?

  2. It’s a possibility yeah – would probably surround it with wood of some sort and grow summat up against it… *if* its not leaking…

  3. *hands ya the trowel*… i guess i know what you’ll be doing in the morning :)

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