Resolving to get back into Photography…

I’m a lover of Photography, and up til a year or two ago did a lot of it – I did an AS level in it at college after being introduced by A level art, and went on to co-run the darkroom in the Photo Soc. at Sussex Uni.

The only slight problem was that it all died off really, when I moved up north. A combination of 5 months on crutches and lacking inspiration meant I’ve almost entirely stopped – despite working in a camera shop and (still) buying things to play with! I’ve found that as I barely ever take my camera out I’ve lost my ‘eye’ and in the last couple of years have shot absolutely nothing I’m happy with.

So… one of my new year’s resolutions is to rekindle my love for it and start really using the expensive equipment I saved for from my minimum wage job!


Argh… geek-surfing lens lists online is never good.. moreso when I figure out that my current lens (Olympus 40-150mm) sells for approx £90 on ebay, and wanted lens (Sigma 55-200) can be bought for about £110. Now strictly the Olympus is a*slightly* better lens, but I’ve played with the Sigma before (sore point, a workmate nicked it from the reserve shelf at work where I’d stashed it for myself), and I much prefer it. It’s lighter, quieter (the Olympus makes a rather unerving noise when zoomed.. apparently this is normal!) and covers a greater range. Hrm. At this rate I’ll be flogging the Olympus on ebay so I can buy the Sigma :D


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