Car Use and Shopping…

Another productive day.

As i mentioned yesterday we managed to borrow chris’ mum’s car for the afternoon (she lives out in the sticks so can’t do it often). We started off with lunch at Subway (Chris loves Subway a ridiculous amount, and I had vouchers), and a nosey round the games shop (got 2 pc games for £1.99, one of which is ‘Settlers’, and i do love empire-building games :) ).

Then on to B+M, the shop that do 40litre bags of compost for £1.99… i loaded up a trolley with 5 bags of the stuff while Chris went to stop the car outside.. paid and asked if it would be okay to take the trolley just to the car… no. The damn things have tall bars on them to stop them going out the doorways (always wondered what they were for).. so we wound up having to cart it from the backdoor, and squeeze through several illegally parked cars and a huge puddle. And trust me 40l bags are *heavy*

Next, onto Lidl – lots of half price fruit n veggies, and a couple of packs of seeds (sugar snap and normal peas) @ 49p a pack. I know – i’m developing a seed obsession :) But they were cheap!

From there we went on to the dump/ recycling centre. I do feel bad adding to landfill but unfortunatly we had a large tv that the tubes had gone in, so couldn’t really do much else with it. Frustratingly, we saw a mountain bike that had been dumped there (it’s all held in huge, truck sized containers, and then presumably driven elsewhere), with a back wheel perfect to replace the broken one on Chris’ bike with… but it was deep down and nobody could have gotten to it. Very frustrating… and amazing what some people will throw away.

Lastly.. a quick trip to ‘Instore’ for a clothes horse, and Aldi for some icecream :D

I think it does go to show that people don’t need cars as much as they think – we don’t have one, and despite ‘saving up jobs’ we managed to get everything done in a couple of hours. Okay, so occassionally there’s places that are awkward to get to without a car, but it’s not the major hardship some make it out to be.


3 Comments to “Car Use and Shopping…”

  1. its a hardship when you don’t have anyone you can borrow a car off, or you don’t drive (for whatever reason). taxis just don’t cut it sometimes: there are things they just won’t transport (e.g. mucky bags of compost… or a dog to the vets). unfortunately in this world a car is still necessary for a lot of stuff, and if you’re broke anyway, taxis are .. expensive.

    I agree that more should be using the bus, but until a viable alternative to taxis exist for the muckier type of jobs, and public transport is *way* better than it is now.. i don’t forsee people giving up their cars easily.


  2. Oh i agree – after all, I am taking driving lessons.
    Though on the cost side of things, (depending on usage) a car is way more expensive than just about anything else.

  3. yeah but its one of those things you don’t really think about.. esp once you got it and you paid the big bill (the insurance) …. petrol just doesn’t really add up in the same way.. its like food.. when you think about it, i spend almost £2,000 a year on food/supermarket trips atm and yet, you don’t think you do spend a lot on food. see what i mean?

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