A Walk in the Woods… Photos

Photos from Sunday… constructive criticism welcomed ;)

There is a colour and a black and white version of each – mostly because i *love* black and white and prefer the vast majority of pictures to be that rather than colour. However, I’d like some other opinions on that :)

(Click on the thumbnails for bigger images)

... ...

... ...

... ...

... ...

... ...

And lastly, for a bit of contrast…


Some people disgust me…


3 Comments to “A Walk in the Woods… Photos”

  1. you have some lovely photos here babe… i have to say though i prefer the colour ones, i think. except the landscape one, the trees one, that’s better as black and white. the second fungus one is particularly stunning in colour – its the shades of slightly iridescent blue in the background that is so lovely.

    and yes. some people disgust me too.

    thanks for sharing!


  2. Great photos! I like photography and would love to become more proficient.

    I think the photo of the trees and clouds is particularly striking in black and white.

    Well done.
    (As for the fly-tipping I think you can report it – sadly I believe the responsibility lies with the landowner who was NOT the person dumping it usually)

  3. Thank you Sandie :)

    Unfortunatly I know somebody who works within the council on things including flytipping, and they struggle to keep up with it.

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