First Seedling of ’07

I think every grow-your-own’er does a little happy dance inside when the first seedling of the year pops up.

(it’s a rather ‘boring’ radish, but chilli and basil are on their way)

First Seedling 07


3 Comments to “First Seedling of ’07”

  1. aww no such thing as boring radish!! now go talk to em.. make em grow happy little radishes!

    *grins cos she KNOWS she’s being annoying now*

  2. the first seedlig of the year is always one to be proud of, but it is amazing how come june there will be seedlings you forget about and let dry out or is that just me??

  3. I’d imagine i’d do the same if i were planting that late in the year.. last year i planted nearly everything in march/april. I’m gradually broadening my horizons though ;)

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