Shopping again!

Popped into Ashby (nearby shops) to pick up a tape measure, and for once decided to give the charity shops a good comb – good thing too as I came across copies of ‘The Fruit Expert’ and ‘The Garden DIY Expert’ for £1.50 a pop. Seems that someone must have cleared out their collection as they had quite a few of the expert books.. unfortunatly not the vegetable one.

Also picked up an AV cable, so now my PC is happily set up with a subwoofer, and Chris has my old speakers for plugging his guitar into.

And finally, noticed Wilkos have some of their ranges of pots on a Buy-One-Get-One-Free offer, including some pretty big ones, so i’ll be taking a trip down there tomorrow n getting the bus back.

… oh, and Chris’ mum has some planks of wood hiding in the Garage which should do me well for bed-edges. It’s all coming together :) Now i just need to do some digging!


5 Comments to “Shopping again!”

  1. I was in Ashby today it was full of freaks more than usual today, but I did get some seeds from wilcos too and some from Simpsons on the corner not cheap but a good selection, it’s best to but now as in march and april people get the gardening bug as it gets warmer and there will be nothing left.

    get digging!!!

  2. Yes i noticed the amazing amount of weirdos today too. That and blokes buying horrible cut flowers and tacky valentines cards.

    I’ve pretty much stocked up on everything, as you said people get the bug later on and things sell out.

  3. I did not realise it was valentines day untill somebody in Ashby mentioned it. As you can tell me and the wife don’t go in for all that nonsence even though we met on feb 14th 8 years ago!!

    I bought her some cornflower seeds does that count??

  4. No neither do we, I only realised because it was on the fricking *news* his morning.

    If it were me i’d be far happier with cornflower seeds than with cut-aka-dead flowers shipped halfway across the world :)

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