And so the digging commences…

Yep, I actually started!

It was a gorgeous afternoon, so i got to work clearing all the crap that had been dumped in ‘my spot’, including behind the shed; that’s now just full of bricks and some rubble (from when the fence blew down *last* year). The ground took an amazingly long time to clear as it was covered in lots of ‘bits’ – ivy, weeds, bits of wood, rubbish, plastic, stones… great fun. The bin o’ oil is impossible to move, so I’m just gonna work round that – i’ve found and put on the lid though!

I made a rough wall round the back of the ‘plot’ with old bricks – partly because there’s a whopping great gap at the bottom of the shed wall! The bit of ground next to the oil bin i figured would be inaccessible for wedding etc, so i’ve ‘filled’ that with 2 crates which i figure should make a nice shelf for a pot or two?

Then i got to digging! It’s really hard word as the ground is almost solid clay – I’ll work in lots of compost, along with some earth from the bit i started digging at the back of the garden last year (before realising it was a quagmire). It seems to have dried out nicely and now to my completely inexperienced hands looks like quite good soil.

Garden, ‘Before’ Picture 14/02/07 Garden - Starting Digging - 14/02/07


7 Comments to “And so the digging commences…”

  1. rats. you beat me to it. *mutters*.. it was the challenge, wasn’t it? you *knew* i was getting my spade today.. *mutters and kicks a bucket*..

    seriously.. well done!!! it looks great – can’t wait to see it with plants in.


  2. LOL, actually no, more that we had *sunshine*, like clear blue skies sunshine, was gorgeous :))
    That and i had both you and dibnah bugging me about it ;)

  3. Nice one….. only thing now is, you’ve started so you gotta finish!!!

    Keep it up…


  4. bug bug bug. *smiles beatifically*

    seriously: just popped in to say have a great time “dahn souf” this weekend, give that gorgeous nephew of yours cuddles for me (and take some pics so i can get my “awww” fix) and… i’ll miss you! *sniff*.. travel safely, babe.


  5. are you stacking your sods?

    the hardest part is starting there’s nothing to stop you now good luck with it all.

    did you see the greenhouse on freecycle?

  6. Not really, I’ve read about how you’re meant to do it but I’m never one to follow rules LOL. Besides, it’s all compacted clay so i’ve got to work some compost etc in with a fork, so it’s all gonna get mixed up anyway i reckon.

    .. yeak okay… I should actually follow up on advice given/read ;)

    I did indeed, and had a small ‘*whimper* want!’ moment.. unfortunatly we don’t have transport, and tbh our normally don’t-give-a-hoot landlord would probably object.

  7. hm. thats a point. i wonder if ours would object? (makes a note to check *before* she buys the bloomin thing).

    shame really, that the landlord would object though. would make a perfect environment for all them tomatoes.


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