No huge post to write about Brighton. I generally spent the time hanging out with friends in various pubs, indulging myself in being able to go to places that serve exclusively or almost exclusively vegetarian food, and shopping (Borders books, Lush for smellies/bath stuff, and Infinity Foods for fairtrade praline chocolate). I also looked after my nephew Charlie, who has now mastered the art of crawling up the stairs faster than I can climb up them.

I didn’t take my SLR camera, as I didn’t have the time to use it or the inclination to add it to my already back-breakingly heavy bag. So just a couple of compact camera shots:

Brighton Beach 18Feb07 Thumbnail

(bigger version here)

(… so getting this printed and framed for my wall)

… and Charlie :)

Charlie 17thFeb07


6 Comments to “Brighton”

  1. nice photo, I went to Brighton for the first time, last month and the beach was covered in snow and I saw a fox.

  2. Impressive, I lived there my whole life up til 2003 and have never seen snow on the beach – it never snows in Brighton!

  3. Thats what everbody was saying.

  4. it *is* a nice picture. esp. when you consider it wasn’t taken with a fancy-bells-n-whistle-n-makes-coffee-when-you-ain’t-lookin camera… and i wouldn’t mind a big, blown up copy for our bedroom wall. could work very well printed onto fabric, cut into the three individual bits, then the fabric stretched over three seperate frames and hung that way, without a larger frame (does that make sense?).

    and YAY for charlie cuteness.. it makes you think though when the next gen can climb stairs quicker’n you… well, it does me!

    glad you’re back. missed you. :)


  5. if you wanted it for the bedroom why not put it on three pillows? then you can lay on the beach>

  6. LOL.. could do i guess. but to be honest, the wall i’m thinking of is right opposite our (rather large) bed… being able to lie there and look at the pictures…. mmmmm. that works for me. either something like those beach pics.. or something that screams veg garden/self sufficiency. that would be great inspiration to get me bouncing out of bed in the morning!

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