Living the Good Life – Linda Cockburn

Living the Good Life – Linda Cockburn

I picked this up in Borders in Brighton when I gleefully discovered their ‘ecology’ section (including recycling, consumerism, environment etc). It’s about an Australian suburban family who decided to see if they can go 6 months without spending anything (apart from taxes etc) – grow their own food, collect rainwater, use solar panels for electricity, bike everywhere instead of taking the car… It’s a really good read and as well as being a realistic look into self sufficiency (including all the ups and downs), it’s also got plenty of factual information.

Definitely worth a read – thought you might be interested in this Dibnah, if so I’m happy to play library :)


3 Comments to “Living the Good Life – Linda Cockburn”

  1. Are you suggesting a book borrowing? I have quite alot of books on various different topics, you are welcome to take a look. I also just aquired a load of Grow your own magazines, at least a years worth from my grandmother, you are welcome to borrow those too if you like.

    Are you going to Brigg farmers market on Saturday? I f you are I’ll see you there.

  2. I might well take you up on that offer sometime :D Better than spending my life savings on amazon lol.

    And unfortunatly not – back to work on saturday, the joys of retail *grumble*

  3. I’ve just started that book and I’m really enjoying it.

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