The Day Job…

Work (for those of you who don’t know; I work in a camera shop) continues to suck. Mostly due to slack ass employees not wanting to bother coming to work. I can kinda see their point on this one, apart from the fact that I dislike getting to work on time, actually *working*  during the day ( not staring into space), not taking a ridiculously long lunch break, serving customers with a smile, etc .. when they can’t be arsed. Hrm.

So now it’s the case that our third-in-the-chain has left, leaving me with keys (yay, no more cold waiting around in the morning), keyholder status (boo, possiblity of 2am wakeups), and learning how to cash up, open up, etc etc. Good , really, as they’re good things to be able to add to the C.V., and more tangible  than the fact that I’m able to add up / give good customer service / learn stuff / tidy / merchandise / sell (oh yeah, that) / deal with stock control / handle repairs+creditapplications+faultystock+etc. All of which, given my reasonably limited experience, are harder to come by than you might think.

So the next few weeks should be interesting, given we have 3 full timers (including me), a good part timer (only 10hr/wk), and a not-so-good one (3hrs/day). And i get to be in charge for the first time in a couple weeks .. no doubt customers with problems will pick that day to come in :)

… vent over.


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