Poundland Garden Bargains

Popped into Poundland today to pick up a pack of cheap garden fleece, and found they have their seed packs back in, which i got last year and thought were pretty good value :) Posting them here in case anyone else is interested :)

The packs are:

Salad Collection:
Cucumber (marketmore)
Spring onion (white lisbon)
Radish (french breakfast)
Tomato (moneymaker)
Lettuce (iceberg)

Herb + Salad Collection:
Rocket Leaves
Mixed Mediterranean Herbs
Italian Salad Leaf Mix

Vegetable Collection:
(cant remember what the last two were!)

I figured 6 varieties for a pound a good was pretty good :) The packs i got don’t expire for a good couple of years and contain 400 seeds + per pack.

They also have compost, fleece, plastic cloches, twine, netting, gardening gloves, trowels and other small garden tools (including long handled trowels), kneeling pads, plastic pots, and packets/bottles of fertiliser, slug pellets, lawn seed etc. Well worth a look I’d say :)


3 Comments to “Poundland Garden Bargains”

  1. All the shopping sounds great but hows the digging coming along??

  2. The garden’s currently a swamp, apart from the ickyness of it heard youre meant to wait for clay soil to dry a bit before digging?

  3. true, there is till plenty of time .

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