The Customer is *Not* Always Right…

Dear Selfish People,

When you walked in at 5.25pm, past my co-worker who was bringing the catalogue stand etc in and locking one door, you know *perfectly well* we were just about to shut.

We sighed inside a little when you asked for passport photos for you and your kid, but did it happily anyway. ‘Cause we’re nice like that.

then… a) at 5.29, your relative came in… with 2 more kids to photograph, b) kid #2 was obviously exhausted and screaming constantly, and it is impossible to get a passport photo of them in that state, c) i told you the passport rules – no headcovering unless for religious reasons … I’m thinking that religious reasons generally means it covers your hair or face, not just the back of your head and ears. don’t argue with me for 10 minutes about it, i’m telling you the rules so your application doesn’t get rejected, d) when it hits 5.50, *20 minutes* after we’re supposed to close, and we’ve finally managed to get passable photos of your screaming child… don’t then be an abnoxious asshole and ask for us to do another of you. Stop being a vain idiot, it’s a passport photo not a portrait for the wall. Saying ‘oh, did you shut at half past?’ just makes you look even more of a rude idiot.

You hear me coughing/hacking up a lung in the back while my coworker takes your picture? I have been coughing like that *all day*, i’m exhausted, have a headache and earache due to my cold, and was reaaaallly looking forward to getting cashed up in super quick time and catching the last direct bus home. Instead I had to get the evening circular, getting home more than an hour after i finished.

You suck.


(And we only had one customer from 4pm til 5.25 pm. It’s not like you couldn’t have come earlier.)

This rant was brought to you by a stinking cold, lack of sleep, a coughthat makes me want to throw up, and asshole customer after asshole customer.

(The other main asshole of the day was the incredibly annoying, ‘im-not-speaking-to-a-WOMAN’ old bloke who bought £800 of kit yesterday. And then returned it this morning. Apparently he decided to photograph some kids playing football yesterday, got a knock on his front door from the police in the evening, and that has ‘completely put him off it’. Clue, old man: 1) don’t take fucking photos of small children without permission, and 2) thanks to you, we all got ranted at by the area manager for doing a MINUS FIGURE today as we spent all day trying to catch up from the refund. You suck.)



2 Comments to “The Customer is *Not* Always Right…”

  1. thats a good rant I hope you got it out of your system.

  2. haha oh yes ;)
    probably a bad reflection on me, usually im a really easygoing, chilled out, ultimate-customer-service kinda person… see what feeling under the weather does to me lol :)

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