Bring on Summer…

Finally had a productive day in the garden. I woke up today (day off work – I work saturdays so have a weekday off) to gorgeous sunshine, clear blue skies, and warmth! It’s always a bit of a pick-me-up to have a day like that, after months of grey skies and darkness, so I decided to get on with some gardening.

First job of the day – thin out the herb seedlings. I have these growing in trays, and as usual I planted *way* too many seeds so things were getting a bit crowded. I replanted some of the thinnings into bigger pots so I can see what does best.. trays or individual pots. I have basil, ‘mixed mediterranean herbs’ and thyme on the go.. and some chives but they haven’t germinated yet. I’ve not had much success with basil in the past, but I’d like to as it’s my favourite herb :)

Pea - Meteor - 13.03.07 Next, I planted out my peas – ‘meteor’, a dwarf variety, and a sugar snaps.

They’d all got to about 4 or 5 inches tall (apart from one, which is for no apparent reason very short, although otherwise healthy) so I decided they needed to go outside before they fell over! All of them went in pots – the meteors (first pic) in one pot with a short ‘wigwam’ (they’re a bushy short variety anyway, but thought i’d give them a helping hand), and the sugar snaps (2nd pic) in another, with a proper cane wigwam. After taking the photo i spiralled some garden string round it to give them extra bits to grip onto.

At the moment they look rather lonesome, but they’ll soon fill out – I stuck some extra peas in alongside the seedlings which should hopefully stagger my crop a bit. Other - 13.03.07Pea - Sugar - 13/03/07

(This evening I also covered them up with some fleece, to try and help them get acclimatised a bit :)

The final picture shows both pots, alongside some that i planted the other day with salad leaves and radish – crossing my fingers on those, as it’d be *really* nice to have some salad that hasn’t been flown around the world – but last time I tried lettuce it failed dismally :)



Then, while the weather held, I decided to DIG!

I managed about 1/3 of the bed – at a guess that’s about 1mx2m I dug over today. All the topsoil was dug out using a fork, which was way, way easier than a spade – then the hole was loaded with a full 40l bag of compost, and the soil mixed back in. There’s still a few lumps to get rid of, but it looks okay :)

(Ok, apart from the blasted weed roots – I’m taking them out as I find them, but I get the feeling it’ll be a LOOOOONG job.)

(Oh, and sorry, worms. I tried *really* hard not to fork you, but I’ve a feeling I caught a couple of ya by mistake :( RIP )


And finally, some collage-style pics for keth, who really wants to know what my garden looks like :P (my little plot is under the blue tarp, drying out)




4 Comments to “Bring on Summer…”

  1. you know what, your garden looks HUGE. i would *kill* for a garden your size!!!

    [seriously though, yes, i know. your landlord. *mutters under breath at him*]

    thank you for the pics – makes it much easier to imagine what you’re talking about when we’re discussing the garden. [I’ll stop nagging now. for now, anyway.]

    hope everything comes up okay! xx

  2. It’s a reasonable size, I wouldn’t say much bigger than yours though. Plus there’s the bogginess issue – looking away from the house, the right hand side up to about the bird table is just *soggy*, almost year-round.

    And yes.. the landlord.. hence the fence lying on the lawn, 2 months after it was blown down :)

  3. Have you seen the weather it’s goiing to snow !!!! better protect those plants

  4. yes, argh. just been out fleecing them!

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