Burst Water Mains

We woke up this morning to… no water. Nothing out of the cold taps, although a little was still flowing from the hot water tank (now just about gone). It seems a water main burst up the road in Ashby, which has according to the paper flooded up to 70 homes, and left many without water. Schools are shut, shops are shut… not good really. Luckily we were going to borrow Chris’ mum’s car today anyway, to get some pieces of wood from her for my raised bed, but we’ll also be making unscheduled trips to Asda, for bottled water, and to her shower :D We were going to Aldi for a couple of growbags and strawberry plants (if they have them), but I don’t know if they’ll be open as they’re right in the area affected.

It’s just a pain in the ass really, we don’t have any water to drink, flush the loo, wash etc. I was going to do some work in the garden later but I simply don’t want to get too muddy!


6 Comments to “Burst Water Mains”

  1. Gah, Hope they fix it soon. I was gonna mention it sounded like “Flooded 70 homes and left them without water” which sounded ironic.

    Worst of all, no water == no coffee o_O *shock* *horror*


  2. she’s one of these wierd people who don’t drink coffee anyway, Michiel.. or tea.

    Seriously tho Sez, Aldi sell bottled water too, so if there’s no health and safety regs as to why they can’t open, then they should be.

    tip from when i remember the drought(s) when i was little: flush after no 2, leave no 1 in the pan.

    oh and strawberry plants aren’t till thursday :)


  3. or put loads of leaves down .. it works! (seen this on “tis not easy being green”) but yeah.

  4. lol yes ‘if its brown, flush it down, if its yellow, let it mellow’ ;)
    … though atm we have *no* water in the house, so the loo aint getting flushed full stop!
    we bought 12l of water from asda so should be okay – people are panick buying though, we got just about the last of it!

    we ended up going to the aldi the other side of town (didn’t even know there was one) – got a couple of growbags – so ive no idea if the usual one was open or not.

  5. you can use water from outside the loo to flush the loo, hon, just pour it down. Can be worth it when its getting a bit stinky, so to speak!

    hope the water gets turned back on soon..


  6. yeah i know, but unfortunatly you need rather a lot to flush the loo, and we need it for drinking/washing/cooking!

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