Seedlings Pics – from 22.03.07

22.03.07 - Tomatoes Tomatoes – In propagators.

Under here are three types – Gardener’s Delight, Tumbling Tom, and Gartenperle.

When I took this picture 5 days ago (uh..whoops. Had connection issues, and then just forgot), nothing had germinated, but the gardener’s delight popped up today so hopefully the rest won’t be far behind.

22.03.07 - Herbs 2

22.03.07 - Herbs 22.03.07 - Identify The Herb!

Several lots of Herbs.

The trays have a mixture of basil, thyme, chives, and mixed meditteranean herbs. The bigger pots have thyme and basil again, and finally is a mystery herb from the ‘mixed med herbs’ pack – can anyone identify it?

22.03.07 - Chillis Chillis!

Growing very well, although I did have to ‘bury’ them a bit when repotting as they were getting a bit spindly.


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