Finally the ‘Plot’ is Ready!

(Well, almost :) )

I spent most of the afternoon in the garden today. It was a *gorgeous* day – warm (enough to be in shorts and tshirt), blue skies, and just a tiny breeze. In fact I spent half an hour at lunchtime sat relaxing in the garden eating my lunch (veggie hotdogs, salad and potato salad – summer’s here!), and much of the afternoon barefoot.

Anyway – the real purpose of spending the
afternoon in the garden… digging!

You will remember, intrepid readers, that last time I touched the bed, it looked like this (well, like this with a tiny strip on the right hand side forked over) :

Garden - Starting Digging - 14/02/07

Now, It looks like this:

27.03.07 - Bed Finished!

(and yes, as a result, I ache all over :) )

I’m pretty proud of this. Today I dug the whole lot over, added a huge amount (120l – 3 big bags) of compost, and a bag of sharp sand. It’s not perfect by any means – there’s still some lumps at the sides of the bed that need breaking up – but the vast majority looks like this:

27.03.07 - Bed Closeup

Which given it started out as heavy clay – as in solid, like the stuff you make models out of clay – I think is pretty damn good :)

The edging is a double layer – straight planks of wood, and some proper bed edging, all rescued from going to the tip with Chris’ mum.  I have some more of this, so if  I decide to do another bed there should be enough (andif not it’s easily available from B+Q etc).

Finally, a couple pics of the progress of my peas and salad veggies outside:

27.03.07 - Peas 27.03.07 - Salads Outside

Both types of peas (meteor and sugar snap) are doing well – I need to plant up another lot to add to these, to stagger the crop a bit. They all seem to have taken the recent frosts and snow totally in their stride, which is excellent :)

In the long pots, I have mixed salad leaves and two types of radish – all of which are starting to sprout. I planted them a couple of weeks ago and I think they were held back by the cold, but they seem okay now :)


2 Comments to “Finally the ‘Plot’ is Ready!”

  1. Hello, I just wandered onto your blog today via some random link clicking (you know how it is) and wanted to say I enjoyed reading.
    I live in Brigg by the way (small world!), we’ve just taken on a half allotment plot there. Sadly my blog on this topic is still no more than a title :(
    You seem much further on than we are too!

  2. small world indeed! :)
    i’m probably much further on cus i have a lot less to do! there’s no way i could make the time for even a half allotment at the moment.

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