Everything’s GROWING!

Picture post!
(Some slight fuzziness in places, as many of these were taken with propagator lids still on)

110407-climbing-beans-bnut-squash.jpg 110407-bush-beans.jpg

A tray of climbing french beans, and butternut squash, all planted a couple of days ago so yet to germinate. Then a tray of just-peeping-out dwarf/bush beans.

110407-courgettes-day-1.jpg 110407-courgettes-huge.jpg

Last night this was a tray of empty soil – I came home from work and it looks like this! 2 varieties of courgette, and an outdoor cucumber variety (an experiment). I think my courgettes beat yours, Johnty!

110407-herbs-leaves.jpg 110407-herbs.jpg

A tray of assorted salad leaves, lettuce, rocket and herbs. Next to that are some bigger herb plants, including the as-yet-unnamed ‘meditteranean herb’ – the big one at the front. Any ideas, folks? :)


And finally, a tray of 3 types of tomato, and spring onions (which need to go out, I think).


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