Greenhouse and Cheesecake…

My seedlings have amazed me even more. I got home this evening to find that the ‘dwarf’ bean seedling that was *just* showing above the compost last night is now… touching the top of the propagator. It’s huge. As are the courgettes.

As a couple of you know, but most don’t, I’m trying to gradually teach myself to cook. The idea being to a) eat less processed junk (which actually now I think of is working without me noticing), and b) be able to cook properly for my kids, when we have them (in the future. not now :P ) …

Sooo… today was Chris’ birthday, so I got together the ingredients for Lemon Cheesecake, as he doesn’t like proper cake (strange man). There was a slight hitch when I got home and it was announced ‘I’ve borrowed mum’s car, let’s go out!’.. so I ended up in a mad rush managing to make a cheesecake, from scratch, in the time it takes Chris to drive his mum home and get back.. about 20 mins. I was very impressed with myself :D

When we got around to trying it a little while ago, it was even better than I expected. Though probably about a million calories as its ingredients are double cream, condensed milk, cream cheese, digestive biscuits, butter (and some lemons). It’s pretty damn good though :D

Oh yeah, and despite convincing myself that plastic greenhouses are vulnerable to the wind, waste of money, etc… I’ve now got one. We walked into Morrisons and in the entrance was a whopping great big one, set up. It’s big enough for me to easily stand up in, shelving along one side. I fell in love, as it was only £25. So Chris bought it for me as my one-month-early birthday pressie (as we reckon they’ll sell out, and he never knows what to buy me anyway). Woot. Greenhouse.

(and yeah. some more compost. I think I’ve almost hit 500l of the stuff this year.)


5 Comments to “Greenhouse and Cheesecake…”

  1. want me to post you some aubergine seeds? and peppers/chillis?



  2. I got chillis already, but i’d gratefully accept a couple aubergine ones :)

  3. oh yeah i forgot about the chillis.. D’oh!!! Aubergines: noooooo problem. you want both the varieties i got? that is: Moneymaker (big fat purple ones like you get in the shops) and/or Mini Bambino (small eggshaped/size purple ones). What about capsiums? want some of them? you pretty much know what i’m growing so anything you want.. you can have. just yell.


  4. I’ll try em both if you’ve got them spare hun :)
    Not really bothered bout peppers so don’t waste your seed on me :)

  5. yeah i checked last night, i got em spare so i’ll stick em in the post next week sometime. Do get em planted asap though.

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