Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot

Well, it’s April, and starting to get too hot for me already :D It’s about 22* today, which I’m pretty sure isn’t normal for this time of yearl. A sign of global warming methinks?

We put the greenhouse up this morning, although I’ve not yet had a chance to figure out how to stop wind getting in underneath. It seems pretty sturdy though :) Out of interest I put a thermometer in there, out of direct sun … 28*C. In the sun… 36*C. I’ve stuck my basil plants in there for some sun, although I’ll be bringing them in again inthe evening.

This afternoon I’ve also planted some loose leaf lettuce, rocket and spring onions direct into the bed, alongside the previously sown spinach. This is sort of an experiment, against the leaf lettuce I’ve got growing in pots.


2 Comments to “Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot”

  1. if you can’t actually *dig* a trench (like i’ve already advised) then here’s another suggestion for stopping the wind getting underneath. If yours is anything like mine, the actual tent part is slightly longer than the frame part, so the fabric rests on the ground, right? if thats the case with yours, one way to block the wind is to put soil/sand on the part that’s resting on the ground, shoring it up a little either side (like you’d do with potatoes). You’d have to keep an eye on the windier side, to make sure the soil doesn’t get eroded in dry weather, but it should work.

    The only other thing i can think of is that you put in some of your bed edging around the sides of the greenhouse. You could even do both methods for extra effectiveness.

    In addition, and again, if yours is like ours, if its got guy lines, then i would thread the guylines *through* the plastic to tie around the actual frame, rather than just looping onto the plastic (as recommended). We had to tear the plastic a little bit to do it, but it does provide that extra stability. Duck tape, although expensive, is a necessary – Michiel wrapped it around some of the weaker joints (in the ceiling of the tent) and it’d also be good for making repairs. i think the other thing may be (again, if yours is like ours) to provide some extra stability by using canes to go across from joint to joint, fixed to the frame by means of duct tape.

    finally, and you knew this was coming… photo? i wanna see how much its like mineeee!


  2. oh and with regard to the weather: i was reading a weather report last night, it was saying that 22/24*C is *not* normal for april, however, its a) not the highest april temp ever (which was 29*C) but that also, the last time we had this kind of weather pattern of high april temps was 2003, the year that saw weather records broken all across europe, heatwise, and quite a few people died in the heatwave. They’re saying a 60% chance of a very hot summer, and the bookies are giving odds of 1/3 for the temperature record to be broken again this summer.

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