Progress in the Garden…

Another gorgeous day today; the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and it altogether feels like summer. This is the apple tree at the bottom of the garden, that although produces nothing edible (wayyy too sour, and too small for cooking), keeps the birds in fresh fruit and looks just beautiful in the spring:


Hell, despite the fact that I hate showing my legs for any reason whatsoever (I am let’s say ‘well built’.. and have large scars on my ankle that I’m rather self conscious about)… I’m wearing shorts. Wonders will never cease.

The first thing to note is that somehow, I’ve ended up on the nominations list for a Mousie. I just found this out through looking at my blog stats, and I’m utterly confused by it. Really. I am. Anyway, this has led me to believe that there must be a couple of you out there reading that I don’t know about, so please, step forwards and introduce yourselves :D

I spent a good portion of today outside, just enjoying the sunshine. I repotted all my tomatoes (which were getting way too big for the cells they were in – although thankfully not potbound). The ‘Gardener’s Delight’ cordon variety is doing well, as are the two ‘bush’ types, ‘Tumbling Tom’ and ‘Gartenperle’ .. though the Gartenperle doesn’t seem particularly inclined to tumble at the moment!


They’ve been forcefully bunged into the greenhouse, against all normal opinion. Unfortunatly I’ve run out of windowsill space, and I’m thinking they need more light, so tough love it is. I’ll keep a good eye on the weather and if it looks frosty I’ll cover them up.

Alongside the tomatos are beans (2 dwarf and 1 climbing variety), some assorted herbs, a chilli plant, and a butternut squash. The chilli and squash are just ‘spare’ plants, really – there are more inside where it’s warm, so I thought I’d experiment and see if the extra light is worth the trade off for warmth.

What else.. hmm…290407-peas-first-pod.jpg290407-peas.jpg

I checked out and watered my peas, and, excitement!

The first pod on the ‘Meteor’ (dwarf early type) has come through. It’s been showing a few blossoms for a week now, so I’ve been keeping a close eye on it :)

In the picture on the right, the Meteors are at the back, and the sugarsnaps at the front – those are also growing wildly, so I have high hopes for them :)

290407-radish.jpg290407-lettuce.jpgThe salad stuff is also doing well – shown is the last (somewhat small) Scarlet Globe radish of the first sowing. I have to say I preferred the taste, texture and growing speed of ‘French Breakfast’, so I’ll be doing more of that one in future.

The mixed salad leaves are doing absolutely brilliantly – we’ve had several salads off them now, and they just keep regrowing! It’s great to have fresh, homegrown lettuce instead of vacumn packed expensive crap.

290407-strawberries-raspberries.jpg In pots I’ve also got strawberries on the go (although I’m pinching out the flowers to strengthen the plant, so might not get any fruit this year), and raspberry canes at the back.

The raspberries are a bit of an experiment, as everyone says you can’t grow them in pots – but they tempted me at only £3 for the pack, and then I realised I have absolutely nowhere to put them that can be permanent and well drained. So here they are. Heck, if it doesn’t work it doesn’t work – but experimenting is fun!


And this is the last of the plants still confined to indoors. On the left, courgettes (two varieties), and butternut squash. There’s also some yet-to-germinate gem squash that I planted yesterday in a propagator.

And on the bedroom windowsill- chillis and basil. The other half is whinging like mad about them (fear of damaging them!), but this is the only available south facing windowsill in the house, and they need it.

So far, I’m really, really pleased with the progress of everything. Considering this is only my second year, I think everything’s doing well! The only slight worries are the basil… not growing anything like as fast as I’ve been led to believe… and the dwarf beans, which I noticed today have a little orange mold on the soil (eek!). I’m asking around forums on that one, and hopefully it’s nothing too serious.

My mini-plot is gradually taking shape, following the ‘square foot gardening’ system:


I’ve mentally split the bed into eight (approx) 1ft squares, divided down the middle by a wooden path. At the back, left to right, is a space for cucumber, bean support, and tomato supports. The front currently houses some spring onions, rocket and spinach, and I’m as yet undecided on the final1-2 spots.

Unfortunatly my weeding while digging obviously wasn’t enough, andbits of what I think is bindweed are popping up. Not good. I’m hoping regular weeding will help control it, but I might have to resort to weedkiller.


Roll on the summer harvest…


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