Driving Test No.1

… Unfortunatly, I failed. :(

I was really nervous, and I think that contributed to it, however despite the failure I don’t think I did *too* badly.

On the ‘show me, tell me’ part of the test (car maintenance/safety type thing) I did fine – I had to show the examiner the coolant and explain how to check it, and show/explain how to check the front and rear lights. All fine…

Things I did fine on: clutch control (glad on this one, as occassionally I stall due to this), braking, safety and control, use of mirrors (woot, I thought I’d get at least one or two minors on this as they’re so strict on it), signals, clearance/obstructions, following distance, most parts of junctions (observation, turning, corners etc), positions, pedestrian crossings.

Things I got minor faults on: accelerator control (2), gears (3 – inc one cockup changing down on a steep hill), steering (3 – goddamit – one stupid moment of hitting the kerb which I’ve NEVER done), use of speed (1), approach speed @ junctions (1 – bit too fast?), meeting traffic (1), awareness/planning (1)

Serious Faults: Appropriate speed and undue hesitation.

Basically I failed due to driving too slowly once or twice – missed a couple of speed limit signs on roads I didn’t know – and hesitation at roundabouts. Which I always knew was my weak point.

Altogether 12 minors and 2 serious.

He did however say that overall my driving was good and consistent, that really I just need work on the confidence and observation at roundabouts. All my manoeuvres were fine and I didn’t make any major cockups apart from the aforementioned kerb bump and ‘missing’ the gear changing down on a hill.

Now that I’m over the initial emotions/crying, I’m not too upset by it. It’s things that should be easily sorted with a few lessons intensively working on roundabouts and faster roads. I’m going to put in for another test ASAP.


2 Comments to “Driving Test No.1”

  1. thats bad luck I’m sure you will do better next time.

  2. Aw, bad luck.

    I failed one of my tests for hesitation and speeding. I think that was my second… I definitely remember ending up in the middle of the road on a ‘reverse around the corner’ in one of them, must have been the first…

    Passed eventually though. And even though I got really discouraged after my second test, I know I’d have found it so much harder if I hadn’t just taken the tests until I did pass.

    Wish we’d had the car knowledge thing when I did my test though – I’m still completely clueless. Although the one time the car did break when I was the only one in it, it was a call-the-RAC deal anyway.

    Good luck on the future ones.

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