Garden ‘To Do’ List

  • Thin out basil seedlings into individual pots. (and the spares went in with the tomatoes)
  • Plant more mixed salad leaves when the current batch get going.
  • Plant more dwarf beans – ASAP – current ones don’t look like they’ll produce due to wind damage.
  • Plant more oregano etc (indoors/propagator), hopefully will work better!
  • Try and sort some slug detterants out! slug traps bought, baited with beer and left out for the little blighters.
  • Water everything well… stop forgetting that full pots and pots in greenhouse don’t get much rain!
  • Water lavendar in front garden + WEED
  • Plant more peas? (ok til end of the month I think)
  • Buy growbags/compost!
  • Plant out the last couple of squash plants.
  • Maybe put some basil in the bed with the tomatoes.. with plastic bottle cloches as slugs got the last lot.
  • Harvest last of peas and pull up the plants – refill pots + plant peas straight in

One Comment to “Garden ‘To Do’ List”

  1. I have to say, experimenting with growing salad stuff in toilet roll tubes cut in half until they’re big enough to plant out – so far – seems to be working well. I’ve got some lettuces growing well, radishes, beetroot and spring onion all have germinated and growing safely well out of reach of the bloomin slugs..

    the only issue is whether i’ll be able to keep up with toilet rolls!! (i sort of remember reading that the tendency for slugs to eat everything in sight dies off after june, i really hope that’s the case).

    re: watering, you could do what i do and water every night but stagger which areas you water. Things in the greenhouse, especially in this weather, could probably do with watering every day, but outside the greenhouse, i tend to do one area one night, the other area the next. It works well.

    I’ll nag you about some of this!

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