So despite nagging kethry to update her blog, I haven’t updated in ages myself. I suppose real-life just got in the way!


Work has been stressful lately, to be honest. After we were given the news of our forthcoming redundancy, we had 2 days to transform the shop from a regular Jessops store to a clearance outlet.

One of those days we were still open to the public (on a saturday, no less) and then monday when we were shut with massive ‘closed for one day only’ posters out, yet STILL had people thumping on the door. During those two days we had to find, stock take, computer transfer and box up every single item of non clearance stock in the shop (which when you think some items of which are as small as projector (ie, tiny) bulbs which could be anywhere, not as easy as it sounds). We ended up around 11am on monday with the pickup van arriving just as we’d finished, and he was greeted with… 68 boxes. Removal-size boxes :) He brought with him around 30 boxes of clearance stock, plus what we had already, all of which had to then be put out, all the POS (posters, etc) changing, shop tidying, etc. We worked absolutely flat out and *just* got it done.

Since then trade has steadily increased, helped a bit by a few local ads (funny how despite our asking we never got any ads while we were open as a normal store). Saturday was incredibly busy, but that’s kinda a good thing, better than being bored.

We’ve also spoken to the usual head office bods about the redundancy thing, the usual skirting round the questions. I’ve a nasty feeling theyre going to try and push us into work in another store miles away or take voluntary redundancy, so I need to look into the legalities of that ASAP.


Job hunting wise, I’ve applied for a few jobs,most interesting recently being a supervisor job in a shop in town (might be a good step-up for me, as it doesn’t require actual managerial experience, but does require retail experience and some supervisory experience (which I have at least a bit of). I’ve also got a telephone interview today for a cashier’s job at HSBC, nothing particularly taxing (I don’t want to be one of their ‘push more debt on people already in debt’ salespeople), but it’d be good to have a no-sundays, no-bankhols kind of job.


The garden’s just kinda pottering away on it’s own at the moment. Everything leafy is growing well due to the constant rain, but things like tomatoes just aren’t. To be honest nothing’s getting the care and attention it needs at the moment – there’s a gem squash plant still in it’s small pot on the shelving that’s now just about reached the floor, I’ve just not got round to buying pots and compost and getting it outside. Think it’s too late now to be honest.


I’m also on a mission at the moment to try and do something about my credit card debt (£900) and overdraft (£300). Just trying to not spend, really, and make a bit of money on ebay. Money’s a bit of a worry at the moment, due to losing my job, Chris is only on a temp contract at the moment (he should get perm, but no guarantees), and just to top it off our housemate is moving out, which will push the bills up.  If Chris doesn’t get the perm contract we’re screwed, to be honest – we couldn’t live off just my wages with the higher bills, so we’d have to either move (and even then I’m not sure there’s anything much cheaper), or take in a stranger which neither of us are comfortable with.

On the bright side we’ll have more space, a living room to arrange as I want, seperate room for Chris’ computer (stop him smoking in the bedroom hopefully?).


Right, better get on with things!


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