Garden Update…

Well I finally got around to doing a bit of a checkup on the garden. To be honest a combination of constant rain, job worries, and various other things have taken my mind off it and it’s all gone to hell really :D

The greenhouse was rather messy, a mixture of overgrown grass and mud! I’ve cut the grass back now and hopefully we might get some relief from the rain.  I’ve had a general tidy-up in there, watered everything, tied the pepper plants to stakes etc. I’ve also brought the salad pots inside and planted some more salad/radish seeds.

The courgettes are utterly ruined – covered in powdery mildew and chewed to death by slugs. I put them out of their misery today and threw them in the composting bin.

Butternut Squash is just about still growing, though slightly slug bitten. No fruit growing as yet though.

Tomato plants are doing well and are now huge and starting to grow fruit. Hopefully it’ll manage to ripen!

Chillis have grown some fruit which are just starting to ripen, those will be frozen for use in chillis etc – though I’d like to find out how to pickle chillis jalapeno style, as we both like them on nachos :)

Peppers and aubergines are growing, but getting eaten alive by slugs. I’m despairing a bit on that one.

Strawberries are growing and I’ve finally had a few ripe ones off them :) Again some more sunshine would help.

All in all not doing brilliantly, but I’ve given it no attention in weeks, plus no sunshine  so that’s to be expected!

I’m just glad I’m not one of the poor flooded folks :(


One Comment to “Garden Update…”

  1. A reason why we garden is that we take our minds off other and worrying things for a little while. It’s great your tomatoes are doing well and that the strawberries are growing. My Pickle and Chutney recipe book written by Digby Laws (was a well-known NZ cookery consultant and writer who took what grew in the garden and created wonderful recipes that have become classics). This is his Chilli recipe to “add a little fire to hot or cold meats”: 1 cup of finely slicely green or red chilli peppers. Malt vinegar. 3 tablespoons of suger. 1 tablespoon of worcestershire sauce. Place chillis in a small jar with a screw top lid. Three-quarters cover the chillis with malt vinegar. Add the sugar and place the jar in a saucepan of cold water, deep enough so that the water comes to the top of the jar’s contents. Very slowly heat the water until boiling. Remove the jar and stir the worcestershire sauce into the relish. Put the top on the jar when it is cold. It is now ready to use.
    We can only gaze on in mute sympathy for the people in the flood ravaged areas.

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