Just a quick update really….

I now officially have a job with HSBC (dependant on references etc), starting 3rd September. I have to do a week training course in Sheffield or something first. Joy. I am kinda looking forward to the change though, work has got really .. I don’t know.. frustrating really. We’ve taken on new temp staff til we close and they all seem to be (stereo)typical scunthorpian teenagers, interested in drinking and ‘clubbin’ and not much else, and with the self motivation and intelligence of fleas. I don’t know.. maybe I’m being overly harsh or something. I wouldn’t generally consider myself an especially work-driven person, but when I’m at work I try to do things right and I’d rather be doing something than stand slumped against the counter all day staring into space :P

In other news, my favouritist band in the world, Foo Fighters,  are playing in Brighton tomorrow.

Now, this is a band I am kind of obsessive over. I’ve done the queuing from 10am for 7pm door open many times before, I’ve been crushed and sweated and screamed along with them in the front row, I’ve bought £100 a head tickets on ebay for a gig in New York that started 30 mins after my 12 hour journey from home. I’ve seen them about 9 times in total – twice at V festival, 2 or 3 times at the Carling weekend, Wembley arena, Manchester MEN, a tiny gig at the Mean Fiddler in London, a tv broadcast the day before when Dave Grohl himself handed me tickets for the aforementioned show. I’ve travelled hundreds and hundreds of miles to see them. I *love* this band.

Nowadays they only really play in huge stadiums, with very little atmosphere, shitty acoustics, places where you have a one in thousands chance of being in the front row(s )(though I’ve achieved it several times)…

… and theyre playing in Brighton, my hometown, a fortnight after I last visited, in a tiny 200 person venue I’ve seen loads of little-known bands in.

*sulk* is not the word.


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