So, the job is going well. Last week was my training course in manchester, which was a lot of hard work but interesting :) I saw kethry a couple of times, and completely ruined my diet by eating out every day for a week – croissants for brekkie, sandwich for lunch, italian/japanese/mexican/hardrockcafe for dinner (which, by the way, was crap. *2* vegetarian options (including a salad) on the whole menu. crap tasteless veggie burger. what a waste of money).  I meant to try out both 8th Day Cafe, and Earth Cafe, both vegetarian/vegan places, but I didn’t get to either. I had a cold all week so wasn’t really feeling like traipsing over town looking for things.

On the bright side while I was there I unexpectedly got paid! Turns out my new manager decided to pay me from when I should have started – 3rd Sept, rather than 17th when I actually started. Which is good. Especially as my boyfriend’s temp job ended unexpectedly so we’re kinda screwed on the money front :) .. also I just got my last paycheck from Jessops and got paid £150 for untaken holiday time I didn’t realise I had .. doubly good :)

I’ve also just received a holiday form for HSBC, dated 2008. Crap. I’m gonna have to beg and see if I can get even a few days off in december to see my family.

Um what else..

I had rather a nasty kick up the bum a month or so ago… Firstly I went to the doctors and my blood pressure was higher than normal .. and my mum commented on the phone that she was ‘concerned’ about my weight. And well.. I got weighed at the doctors and I’d put another stone onto my already-obese weight. So I’ve gone (back – been before) to Weight Watchers. I’m determined to do something about it this time.

I’ve started thinking about Christmas, figure I need to start buying bits and pieces now if money’s going to be tight. Only really figured out keth’s pressie so far though!

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  1. i think i figured out yours too!!! (christmas pressie, that is). now i just have to *remember* that i figure it out.. LOL.



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