I know it’s not new year’s eve yet but…

I’ve just made a new resolution…

** *I will learn to love simple, healthy food, instead of the fat and sugar laden crap that got me to this weight in the first place***


One Comment to “I know it’s not new year’s eve yet but…”

  1. you know.. from the perspective of someone who isn’t trying to lose weight (i.e. not me or you, but someone who’s thin and healthy, yanno), there are foods that are fat and sugar laden that are.. well.. not healthy but can be eaten as part of a balanced diet. For example: take a fruit crumble. Yeah, its probably better to actually eat the fruit raw but as a once in a blue moon treat, its going to be better than, say, syrup sponge that doesn’t have any fruit in at all. My point is, that healthy food may not be simple (in terms of complexitity of ingredients) and that some food can be fat and sugar laden and not be crap. I’d be interested to know, as well, if a home made crumble (for example), put up, weight for weight, against the shop bought stuff, is actually more fatty/sugary or less.. must work that out sometime.

    This of course doesn’t apply to the processed stuff that we both like far too much, and, as you pointed out, got us to this weight in the first place!

    however, i do know what you mean!! will continue to be there in ingredient/cooking discussions.. :)

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