New Appreciation…

I’ve just been sitting here chatting to kethry and realised I’m developing a new appreciation and sense of .. I don’t know.. timeless beauty I guess.

Firstly, I’ve been looking at this blog. A few years ago I would have hated most of it, the sort of ‘old fashioned clutter’ would have driven me mad. But now.. I rather like some of it. The simply painted wooden furniture and storage baskets, storage jars etc (I have a new addiction to storage jars that my boyfriend hates. He can’t understand why I bought a silly amount of jars of herbs from the bargain shop … reason… they were pretty hexagonal jars perfect for washing and reusing, and they were 6p for two. So far I have 14 but im tempted to go back for a few more, as my herb and spice collection just keeps growing… ). Also, I think I’d like to learn to sew. We have a rather old and temperamental sewing machine somewhere which should do the trick.

Secondly, I was just saying to keth how I’m growing to appreciate the way my mum wraps presents. I’m of the matching plain paper and ribbon in just a couple of simple colours school… very modern and elegant. Whereas my mum uses bright colourful prints, all different types. I used to dislike it as too childish and fussy but I think I’m coming round ;)

I’ve also just rediscovered some plain muslin I bought a while ago for sprouting seeds (and promptly forgot about… I’m good at that. Now I just need to find some big jars for it). And it occurred to me that the plain white muslin might look raaather nice as a reusable gift wrap, with some nice ribbon (especially for gift baskets etc).

… I’m looking forward to my first christmas with this blog, having somewhere to show off things ;) I just LOVE christmas :))
… was just thinking. My mum has at home a large le creuset pot..  I think it’s what you would call a casserole dish, with a lid. I used to think….’ oh that ugly thing’.. (its the classic le creuset burnt orangey colour) But now I enjoy cooking I realise that le creuset are expensive and incredibly good pans. I’m crossing my fingers that someday my mum might pass it on to me :)


One Comment to “New Appreciation…”

  1. Mom has 2 le cruset pots. She does casseroles/chillis/spagbols in them – every sunday (since she works), she cooks 4 meals to go in the freezer, stovetop to oven. and the Le Cruset pans do it for her every time. The biggest problem with them is the weight: i can forsee a time – not for a long while but a time – when she just decides they’re too heavy for her to cope with and she passes them down to me.

    tell you what else the muslin is good for: making bouquet garnis or herb sachets to put into casseroles/jams/preserves/pickles. so if you have small scraps, keep em for that, k?

    I’m looking forward to seeing your christmas efforts, and sharing mine. Its funny.. my thoughts drifted down a similar avenue a few weeks ago, about how things come round about.. when i was a child growing up, my parents were probably bombarded with similar ideas/concepts, in the 70s, the whole green simple life thing… at the time i hated it, it meant i had to go to school in clothes that were made rather than bought (and thus “different”). how time changes things! I think its something that’s natural as you grow up/older. You just get a new appreciation for the world .. the really disturbing bit is when you realise you sound like your parents.. LOL.



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