Chris’ New Job… and shopping for Christmas!

Well, some good news.. Chris got a job (actually with the company he was temping with before, but this time permanent). So that’s some money worries sorted as of next month.

Changing the topic entirely, today I went for a little shopping trip in town… got a couple of packs of blank card backs with envelopes, about 16 in total, for £3 which I didn’t think was too bad (they’re quite large ones) . They’ll do nicely for my christmas card plans.

I also got myself a 2008 calendar. Simply because I fell in love with it… gorgeous black and white closeup shots of nature (such as fern leaves, pebbles etc). EXACTLY the sort of shot I love.

Lastly I stopped at Jessops, my old shop, which is closing next week and thus almost completely bare. Snagged myself (with much weedling as someone else half-wanted it) a large 12×18″ daylight balanced light panel. Originally £99.99.. mine for a tenner. I plan on using it for back light for macro photography, and it might also be possible to rig some srt of stand to have it stood up as a diffused light source for other types of photo. Absolutely thrilled with it :) I might go out tomorrow on the hunt for some brightly coloured fallen autumn leaves, I think they’d make a beautiful macro shot.

Other than that I’ve stopped spending on myself as it’s time for Christmas shopping, yay! :) (I mean that totally honestly, I *love* christmas shopping). So far I have a lovely woven basket which is already mostly full of good quality choc for my mum (green and blacks, etcetera), and something for Chris which I can’t state just in case he reads this ;) I’ve also just spotted a REALLY nice page of stuff in the new avon catalogue, various items made of glass, ornate metal and mother of pearl accents. Rather beautiful :) There’s a nice candle and holder (here) for £4 and a small photo frame for £5 which I think mum would love.


One Comment to “Chris’ New Job… and shopping for Christmas!”

  1. when you make the christmas cards/wrap the gifts.. i have just one word for you:


    well, c’mon now, are you *really* that surprised?

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