Christmas Decorations…

Some homemade decorations I’ve been working on….

Minature Gift Boxes

These little (5cm cubed) boxes are intended for wedding favours, mine cost £2.50ish for 10 from Tesco. All I’ve done is threaded a loop with embroidery thread through one of the corners of the lid (so it hangs at an angle), filled with sweeties (you could use dried fruit/nuts, sugared almonds, miniature toys ie party bag fillers.. etc), and then tied as a normal present with fine ribbon. Works out reasonably cheap depending what you fill them with, makes a break from crappy chemical chocolate, and are reusable :)

dscf0122.jpg dscf0123.jpg

I’ve also made Gingerbread Men … well, fake ones :) They’re cut from Fimo (polymer clay), baked in the oven, and decorated with Tulip (or any other 3D) paint and some ribbon.



3 Comments to “Christmas Decorations…”

  1. ooooooooh pretty!! I particularly like the gingerbread men. I know mom would love those. they look good enough to eat!


  2. You’ve just given me an idea for my grandchildren – I love the gift boxes. I haven’t made gingerbread men for years so it’d be fun to do this kind of baking and also to add some homemade fudge and coconut ice (they’ve all got enough energy to burn it off).

  3. the gingerbread men are great. there are always too many projects i want to try and not enough hours!

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