Brighton Pride

In August I went down to Brighton to see family and friends, and while I was there I watched the Brighton Pride parade.

Brighton is well known for being a bit of a mecca for the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Transgendered) community … and as part of this has a ‘Pride’ organisation – that work to promote equality and diversity, and hopefully in the future eliminate discrimination. It’s a registered charity that does excellent work, and as part of this there is a yearly Pride festival in Brighton. It’s a fantastic event over several days, with performances, clubnights, etc etc. It all culminates with the Pride Parade where thousands descend on Brighton for the wonderful, carnival like atmosphere.

As expected there is plenty of the weird and wonderful … people expressing themselves as they wish to, dressing up, singing and dancing.

dscf0079.jpg dscf0076.jpg dscf0011.jpg

But there’s also a serious side with plenty of groups walking just in normal street clothes, with banners and whistles and music, trying to help raise awareness for their cause. There’s also a police and ambulance presence – in the actual parade! (Just another reason I love Brighton).

dscf0048.jpg dscf0016.jpg dscf0012.jpg dscf0005.jpg

At the end of the parade everything heads to Preston Park, for music, stalls etc. At this point I heard the only negativity of the whole day – a group of fundamentalist Christians who’d decided to set up camp and tell all the ‘sinners’ they were going to hell. Slight problem with this – there are thousands of pro-gay rights people here – not only those who are gay/lesbian/etc but also thousands of straight people who support equal rights. You aren’t exactly going to be popular – hence the Christians were surrounded by police who were trying to stop the baying-for-blood crowd from jumping on them.

Now, I don’t particularly like religion, but I’m all for letting people lead their lives however they see fit without accusing them of being evil and telling them they’re going to hell for daring to like someone of the same sex. Well done for trying to ruin a day of happiness and acceptance. (Oh sorry, I forgot, your God didn’t teach acceptance and forgiveness and love for all, did he? Stop selectively picking bits out of the bible you arrogant sods. I doubt any one of you actually lives your life strictly according to the bible).

Ahem. Rant over.


(A few of the thousands who descended on Preston Park)

A final couple of pictures: first, an abandoned building showing off another of Brighton’s wonderful traits – there’s art EVERYWHERE. Fair enough the grafitti scribblers got to it first, but then it was covered in these beautiful, colourful portraits.



Finally, next to it used to be a mini park, full of old trees.

Now there’s a desolate, unused wasteland, with an ongoing protest (click to view fullsize….) —>

I hope this shows just a little of why I love Brighton, its people, its life, its acceptance for everyone.


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