I’ve taken a couple of days holiday, tagged onto the weekendthis week. Yesterday I spent quite a lot of time shopping – got some christmas bits bought without the boyfriend in tow (it’s like shopping with a 5 yr old… ‘I’m bored can we go home yet?’ style whining.. I love him really though :D ) – but I did waste a fair proportion of the day just surfing the net etc.. not good. So this is my list for things to do today, let’s see how I get on!

  • Hang out washing (bedlinen)
  • Spraypaint box for C’s gift / Paint inside black
  • Driving Lesson
  • Get another load of laundry on the go / hang it up
  • Tidy my room (computer/craft room)
  • Trip to Post Office (post stuff for kethry / get gas card topped up)
  • Get xmas tree out to check height … really not tall enough for it’s new position in the front room (was in bedroom before), so christmas tree shopping beckons!
  • Order bits from ebay (cellophane (have emailed fav seller to enquire about a couple things, and made a list of the various things I want) , earplugs for C, possibly stocking fillers)
  • Work on decs (cinnamon stick bundles/felt ornaments)
  • Clean kitchen / empty bins / wash up
  • Order rpt prescription (2-5pm)
  • Start working on assembling xmas cards

Phew, that lot makes me tired just looking at it! Time to get going!

[edit] and try and watch Children In Need prog tonight. Cus OMFG Boyzone have reformed! <squee>

[edit 6.15pm]

Well, I think I’ve done pretty well with that lot. Chris has gone to the pub with his workmates so I think I’m gonna cook something nice for dinner (a bit of a treat, as I’ve not had much / eaten healthily today so I have a whopping 18 weightwatchers points left tonight :), then settle down with some felt to make ornaments from, and the telly. The washing up can wait til tomorrow, though I do have to hang he laundry up still!


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  1. wow. you’ve done well… i’m gonna have to do some catching up!!!

    well done!


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