I hate fashion…

Okay, I admit it. I’m a young woman (24) and I absolutely detest ‘fashion’. Let me explain.

Fashion isn’t about nice clothes (generally). Fashion is about making you buy new clothes *constantly* even if you don’t need them, just so you can feel cool/’in’/good about yourself. Fashion is about making the rich richer (brand owners, share holders, etc) on the backs of the general public who fall for the hype and buy clothes they don’t need (frequently made by children in the 3rd world).

I’m not trying to make myself out as perfect. I do occasionally enjoy shopping for clothes. Usually when I find something at a nice price that fits me and that I like the style of. That in itself is a mean feat as I’m ‘plus size’ – UK Sz22-24, on a low budget, and don’t like overly pretty-but-impractical clothing or frumpy stuff that’s been designed for those over 50.

… but I hate ‘fashion’ and its obsession with the ‘in’ clothes of the season/month/week (delete as you feel fit). I hate the fact that a year ago I could actually get bootleg/wider legged trousers and jeans fairly easily, but now skinny leg jeans are in fashion meaning you can’t get anything else. Despite the fact skinny leg jeans only look good on size 0 models. It isn’t even about clothes looking nice because (even as a fashion-friendly friend put it recently) one of the current fashions seems to be for those horrible tight jeans, and huge shapeless smock tops.

May I repeat, I hate fashion.

(This rant was inspired by the hunt for practical winter tops. But no, all I can find is 3/4 sleeve jumpers (huh?!), velour (yuck!) and cowl necks?! (I don’t want 10 metres of material hanging down in front of me thankyouverymuch). )



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