Christmas List

Well, I think it’s time for a roundup of my christmas preparations – not specifically for the blog, more for my own records and reminding myself what I need to do.

1) Presents. Going okay:

  • kethry: can’t say here ;)
  • mum: ‘sleep’ hamper (90% done), candle/frame set, *something else*
  • sister/bf: ‘italy’ hamper (95% done), learn italian cd course
  • brother: not sure yet, cookery book or cooking set maybe? computer game?
  • nephew: farm truck toy (but it’s quite large, may need to rethink and buy something else due to issues of transporting things to Brighton)
  • chris: can’t say here ;) 95% done. (if anything i struggle to STOP buying for him :) )
  • c’s mum: also no idea yet!, large pannetone cake (joint gift with grandma)
  • c’s grandma: garden birds set, something else!

(in grey = already bought)
That’s not too bad, it means I have about 3 major and one smaller present to sort out, which is doable. I do really need to get a move on though, it occured to me today I’m going to Brighton on the 10th, which gives me about 2 1/2 weeks to get everything for my family done and dusted. I have to order cellophane from ebay for wrapping inc sister’s hamper, which MUST be done for the trip to Brighton (non-postable)

2) Cards.
Going well, these are about 75% done, I just have a few more to assemble, and then the writing/posting! Need to sort out (in advance) people’s addresses, stamps etc.

3) Decorations.

  • Tree: Still to buy! (and shop around!)
  • Tree Decs: Mostly done, have lights, tinsel, ribbon, most ornaments, candy canes. Want to do a few more felt ones.
  • Other Decs: I don’t do much for this, but I plan on a few nice candles, a little decoration round the fireplace (need to get something for this).
  • Wreath: Bought today. Has no method of hanging on the back *facepalm* so must sort this out.
  • Stockings for me and C :bought today.

4) Food/Drink

  • Christmas Dinner – almost certainly with relatives
  • Christmas Eve – haven’t done this before, but I’d like to cook us something nice for Christmas eve.
  • Puddings/Sweets/Treats – have a cupboard full of stollen, lebkuchen, christmas pud and cake a la kethry. Need to ice the cake.
  • Drinks – have a good amount of booze in, just need white rum, and some soft drinks.

All in all I think it’s going well, and I’m fairly prepared.


One Comment to “Christmas List”

  1. cor blimey.. you’re more prepared than i am!!! argh. too much to do!!

    oh and for those that don’t know, my present from sez is not only done, its also sitting in *my* closet of doom, waiting for Christmas.. I keep having to beat Michiel (my OH) off of it!!


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