I’ve spent a couple of hours this evening starting wrapping my christmas presents. I like to really take some time with this, to make them look really special (even though they may be bought in a more money-saving fashion).


The one on the top left is the one I’m most pleased with – the base layer is a wine red tissue, covered in clear cellophane with silver stars, and a large bow of wired-edge ribbon (the wired ribbon means that bows look really impressive, rather than flat and floppy). It’s actually a fairly ‘small’ gift for my mum – a set of two small glass vases with flower bulbs included, ready for growing :)

Next, a red tissue wrapped parcel, with a simple fabric ribbon bow in blue. This is actually a very cheap, jokey gift for Chris, but it’s too large to fit in his stocking so I’ve wrapped it ‘properly’ (even I don’t bother with *really* elaborate wrapping for stocking-gifts).

The ‘stack’ is the set for my mum I mentioned previously – this photo frame and a matching candle holder (they seem to have sold out of that, thankfully I got it in time!). Neither are especially expensive.. I got them both for £9, but they look really nice in person, and I know my mum will love them. I’ve wrapped them individually in tissue (the more expensive one with lettering is lined with cheaper plain white so it can’t be seen through), then bundled them together with some red fabric ribbon.

At the front is a gift for my sister and brother ‘in law’ – a ‘learn italian’ course on CD (they’re currently restoring a newly bought italian holiday home). Wrapped in silver tissue with red lettering, and tied with a silver ‘rope’ style ribbon. (I love the ‘rope’ – its from poundland, but looks and feels really good quality).

Finally at the front right is a gift for Chris, so I can’t say what it is :) But I do think it looks rather special wrapped simply in red tissue with a wired ribbon bow.


You may have noticed a theme in my wrapping – tissue and fabric ribbons. There are a couple of reasons for this – 1) it looks gorgeous, and 2) it’s a slightly more eco friendly option. All of the gifts will have tags attached at a later point, with the usual ‘To/From’ information and a Christmas greeting, but also with a small note at the end explaining that the tissue is more readily recyclable than foil/plastic coated wrapping papers, and the ribbons can be reused for other gifts (I’ve tied them lightly with single knots for this specific reason). I’m hoping that my recipients will take this to heart, and that my gifts won’t contribute another sackful of waste to landfill.

(yes, I know the cellophane will be difficult to recycle. The piece used here was actually a large ‘scrap’ from last years hamper-construction. I’ve yet to think of something that will substitute well for cellophane round hampers – tissue tears too easily on odd shapes with pointy corners (although I use it inside the cello to hide the gifts from peeking!), and I just well.. don’t like gift bags much. I use them occasionally, but I don’t think they’re quite the same for unwrapping a gift on Christmas morning!)

These methods HAVE worked out a little more expensive – though not too badly as I’ve bought things on special and in cheap/bargain shops, but it’s a cost I can live with for beautiful gifts and hopefully less landfill!



3 Comments to “Giftwrapping…”

  1. they look so so pretty.. really gorgeous. damnit, now i’m itching to wrap, and i’ve got nothing to wrap up! thats about as mean as me showing you that christmas cake last night!!


  2. the wrapping looks gorgeous, and i think the note about the recycling possibilities is a great idea.

  3. donna – i agree, about the recycling possibilities.. i’ve put a similar note on my home made christmas cards, pointing out that they can be recycled and more importantly, where to do it! has the info if you want. :)


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