I’ve just watched a rather interesting documentary about Coca Cola – or rather, the unseen, unsavoury side of the brand. It focused on Coke’s history of causing water shortages (India), pollution, child labour on sugar plantations, and how little they care about their workers (ie, giving no protection or even showing any interest as trade union members in Columbia have been murdered). It also touched on the effects of coke on children, not least the caffeine, which has been proven to have no affect on taste, but funnily enough does give it some addictive properties.

It was rather disturbing viewing, especially given that I’m um.. rather addicted to Coke :( (or rather diet coke -I went cold-turkey on the full sugar stuff a couple of months ago). I’m going to try and make the effort to cut out coke – you’d think it would be easy given I’ve cut out meat etc for ethical reasons, but I’m not sure it will be. Still, I’ll try.

I think the documentary is available online at (but I can’t check as I run Win2k), or if you have catchup tv such as Virgin Media it should be on there til tonight.


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