Once in a while I deliberately expose myself to photos, descriptions, videos of the processes that produce our meat… as a vegetarian, I do it to remind myself why, to strengthen my convictions. These days most of our meat comes in shrinkwrapped, pre-prepared, sterile slabs bearing no resemblance to the living, breathing, feeling animal they came from. It’s easy, even as a veggie, to forget this, to forget the suffering that went into producing the food, so I remind myself so I don’t go back to eating it.

Today I stumbled across (in a vegetarian community that I read for recipes etc) a video which a lot of people had a lot of praise for: Earthlings.

I realise that to an extent this is propaganda – the worst of the worst – to get a totally unbiased opinion on any of this would be nearly impossible. But even if it is the extreme we all know that similar practises are going on all over the world every day.

I’m not going to ask you all to watch it. I don’t want to be a preacher, as I realise that trying to force your beliefs on others merely pushes them away. As Chris reminded me, all we can do, really, is to vote with our feet and try not to contribute to this practise of treating animals like machines.

(By the way… I succeeded in my goal – I upset myself and reminded myself. I watched 13 minutes of the film and cried for the next 20.)


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