Just got a christmas card from kethry through the post – beautiful hand made card along with a gorgeous wooden decoration for the tree (a kind of silouette cutout of candles). Thank you keth!

Today is a day off work for me – I originally booked from today through next week as holiday as my mum was coming up for Lincoln Christmas Market, unfortunatly she can’t make it up here, but I’ll be going down to Brighton/Shoreham as planned on Monday. I don’t really want to waste the day so as before I’m going to do a ‘to-do’ list – it really helps me focus and get things done.


  • Driving Lesson
  • Washing machine on (#1 – bed sheet / long sleeved tops)
  • Hang washing up #1
  • Washing on (#2 – work trousers / general clothes) (postponed, nowhere to dry the stuff!
  • Tidy up bedroom (have a large basket bought for a hamper I won’t be using after all – might work for storing bedlinen?)
  • Tidy up PC/craft/spare room
  • Fold and put away clothes (from several days ago!)
  • Look through kitchen cupboards, see what I can make for dinners.
  • Make a batch of chilli (for freezer + lunch)
  • Make gift tags (important!) and cards.

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  1. you’re welcome, sweetheart, glad you enjoy and it fits the rest of the tree!! xx

  2. for when you get home. OI!!! GIFT TAGS!!! XMAS CARDS!!!

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