I’ll return to your normal scheduled programming (some photos of Christmas things :) later on, but first, a little rant…

As I’ve mentioned before, I work in a bank. When I got the job I (foolishly) thought ‘YAY! no Christmas Retail Hell!’.

… Wrong.

Ok, so there isn’t the horrendous long hours, late nights, bank holidays and never ending work (ie Jessops plan last year of making us put the sale out. on Christmas eve. After we shut at 6pm).  But it’s still pretty dreadful.

This week has been pretty much hell on earth, incredibly busy. The counter (where I work) hasn’t had no queue the entire week. I sit down at 9, and serve one customer after another without a second’s break til lunch, and exactly the same afterwards. It’s thoroughly soul destroying, and while not being ‘tiring’ in the classical sense, its mentally very hard work. At the end of the day, on top of the usual close-down prodedures, we have to work through the mountain of paperwork thats built up, bag coin, bundle notes and everything else we would normally fit in between customers. Because customers turn into raging beasts if you try to, say, empty your overflowing till on *their* time.

I think most Christmas shoppers have lost the idea of Christmas – Season of Goodwill and all that? Almost everyone is grumpy, tired, snappy and/or just bluntly rude. Here’s a hint, people: Don’t leave all your Christmas shopping to the last week. Don’t be surprised that everyone else has done the same thing. Don’t get yourself into debt just so little Johnny can have hundreds of pounds worth of crap he doesn’t need.

Also, I appreciate that we have far fewer counters now, and thats helping cause queues.. but really…

…You can check your bloody balance at the ATM. You can withdraw £20 at the atm (little old ladies apart, most 20-somethings aren’t that scared of technology). You can come in sometime OTHER than 4pm on a friday to exchange your £100 worth of shrapnel. You can think ahead that we might need some form of ID for a £5000 withdrawal. You can not be a goddamn asshole about the fact that we’ve completely and utterly run out of £5 notes (tutting, sighing and muttering that the coin you’ve had instead will ‘break your back’ won’t make some magically appear).

On the other hand, everyone who was polite, cheery, friendly, smiled and said ‘no problem’ when we apologise for queue, (genuinely) wished us a happy Christmas, brought sweeties… you all make the day bearable :)


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