Well, to change the mood from previous rant (sometimes, you just gotta vent…) time for some Christmassy stuff! Yay!

… Some showing off of my awesome wrapping skillz ;)

dscf0180.jpg dscf0179.jpg dscf0172.jpg

The ‘Italian’ theme hamper I made for my sister and hubby (they recently bought a run-down place to do up for holidays in Italy) – unwrapped and wrapped, containing lots of Italian foodie goodies.

dscf0159.jpg dscf0160.jpg

‘Chocoholics’ Hamper for Chris’ grandma …

dscf0170.jpg dscf0171.jpg

And a couple of random ones – the necklace I got for Chris’ mum (from a lovely little shop in town that sells (actually) handmade jewelery, accessories etc for good prices – out of focus as I took it without flash to preserve the colour) – and the (wrapped) ‘hanging basket’ kit I made up for her. I forgot to take an ‘unwrapped’ photo but it’s a hanging basket filled with seeds, pots, gardening gloves and trowel.

dscf0178.jpg dscf0173.jpg

And with that it’s off to enjoy Christmas eve – with a nice easy dinner (homemade oven chips and brushetta), followed by Christmas Cake (yay!) and some drinks :)


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