Christmas passed by quietly and happily this year. In some ways it feels like a let down… all that planning and preparation… but it was a lovely day. All the presents I gave were well received, Chris definitely ‘squeeing’ over his Alien 9 disc collectors edition (what have I let myself in for?!).

We opened our stockings in bed – small gifts, chocolates etc. I love to do these just for the tradition side of it rather than the actual gifts, and it means giving those small gifts and sweeties where they won’t be swamped by the bigger things (in Chris’ case, lots of Reeses peanut butter cups and fizzy cola bottles – his favourites – and for me jelly beans :D ) .  After that we moved downstairs to open our gifts under the tree. Now, me and Chris usually have a limit of around £30-40 for each other. For the last week or so he’s been saying ‘oh god I hope you haven’t spent too much’ ‘my presents aren’t that good :( ‘ etc etc… which of course didn’t bother me in the slightest, I just like buying gifts for people :) …  and well, he surprised me :) After we’d opened everything, he said ‘oh, I think santa forgot to put something under the tree!’ and disappeared in the other room to emerge with a large box. It turned out to be … a 22″ widescreen flat panel monitor for my computer! It was such a surprise, and of course Chris got a good telling off for spending so much on me! I got far too many other gifts – a gorgeous hamper of goodies from C’s mum, a lovely soft wool throw and a manfrotto tripod head from my mum, a giftcard from my sister (which I’ve yet to find the value of but I might put it towards some Doc Martens or similar). I’ve been incredibly spoilt this year!

We spent the day with his relatives, 9 of us in total. A lovely meal with extra vegetarian goodies for us awkward ones, and then an afternoon of games and a lot of laughter. We finally dragged ourselves away around 9pm.

Hope everyone had as good a time! :)


One Comment to “Christmas”

  1. Glad you had a good christmas, sweetie – the wool throw in particular sounds ideal for wrapping around yourself while watching telly and feeling all cosy!!!



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