I thought new year’s day might be a good time to have a bit of a tidy up and clearout… apart from the fact that ‘my’ (spare bed/my computer/arts+crafts etc) room is/was a total pigsty, I also have a lot of junk I need to get rid of. I think the first task will be to organise things a bit, get alike things all together in one box so that when I need a certain item I can find it instead of going out and buying more!

  • Bath/Body
    (Wow, I have a lot of stuff. 4 packs sanitary towels (I used 2-3 pads per month), 3 packs tampons (don’t use them anymore), 4 bottles moisturisers, 3 bottles foam bath [only use it once a month, but I like choice!])
  • Art/Craft
    (one for Chris’, one for mine)
  • Medical
    (and put it downstairs somewhere it can be found easily)
  • Gardening – seeds etc.
    I need to sort through all these soon and figure out planting for the spring, etc.
  • Wrapping
    (yep, I have a whole boxfull of tissues, gift bags, ribbons, cards etc – and that’s not including the actual wrapping paper and cellophane!)
  • Cables + Computer Bits
    Lots of things like cables, power supplies etc. Don’t want to get rid of any of these for now as a missing cable could make a perfectly good item unusable.

I’ve now sorted most of these into boxes, which are labelled up, so hopefully they’ll stay tidy and save us hunting for things.
I also need to get things that I want to get rid of together – and get rid of them! So far that includes:

  • Tripod (since replaced with a much better quality one 70% off) – local ad?
  • Old mobile phone – freecycled
  • Toy (bought for Charlie but was too young for him) – local ad?
  • Big bag of tealight candles – I really don’t need 200 of them – freecycled
  • Scanner (once I’ve found the relevant cables- I have an all in one scanner/printer/copier now) – probably to community centre nearby
  • Bag of empty CD cases – freecycled

Then other things to do today or in the next few days:

  • Try my new seed sprouter!
  • Write out calendar and/or diary
  • Try out new mini sewing machine (bought for £3 on sale!)
    … yeah… I noticed the fact I’m still buying STUFF while resolving not to as well :P

I’ll update this as I go, and hopefully will make some good progress!

[edit, 5pm:] Well, just to be a pain in the arse, our fridgefreezer has decided to stop working today. Luckily, Chris has a little money to one side so we can get one without resorting to my credit card. He’s hoping to be able to borrow a van and a mate from work tomorrow and take an hour to run to Currys and pick one up – for the sake of salvaging the contents of the freezer.


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