Well, nothing particularly spectacular to report. I’m almost out of money til payday, and buying a new fridgefreezer has used most of Chris’, so we’re not going out or anything interesting. In some ways being short of cash is a good thing – starting me off on my resolution to stop spending! I’ve checked the money I have left, and what I need to pay for (a couple bills, driving lessons, and bus tickets) put money for those aside and withdrawn the last from my account. Using just cash definitely makes the money seem more ‘real’ when spending it, so I might try and stick to that. I’m also thinking about not keeping my debit or credit cards with me on a daily basis – I like the ‘safety net’, but it also encourages me to spend more.

The major event of the last few days is of course the death of the fridge/freezer. We ended up ordering one for £149.99 from Currys, who will also take away the old one. We managed to save and use about half of the contents of the freezer – the rest wasn’t expensive stuff luckily (some frozen homemade meals, some veggies). We have a second fridge (left behind by our housemate when he moved out, and generally used just to store drinks and whatnot as it doesn’t get as cold), so all the refridgerated stuff was fine (although I took the oppurtunity to clear out some stuff, ie condiments that while not out of date probably wouldn’t be used in time).

We think the most likely reason for the death of the fridge is that it blocks the entrance to a small cupboard/pantry that contains the gas meter, and as we’re on a token/pre payment system we have to move the fridge about once a week. We’ve decided to put the new one in the only other space in the (poorly designed) kitchen – in front of the back/side door, blocking it completely. It will be irritating, but probably less so than the current situation of moving it regularly (we have patio style doors in the living room). Plus it means I get some extra storage space! (though what it’s like in there after being closed and unused for about 10 years I don’t know)

We also found out today that some lovely people have stolen the leading (the stuff the seals the ‘joints’ of tiles etc from the weather!) from above the bay windows at the front of the house. We didn’t even notice as we get home after dark, luckily the landlord noticed it and did a temporary cover as we had solid rain for a day shortly afterwards – he’s sending round a repairman next week. Apparently this is happening a lot locally – someone saw 3 lads on his neighbours roof ripping it off (in broad daylight!). He called the police but unfortunatly they didn’t manage to catch them.

Over the last few days I’ve started decluttering and simplifying some of my ‘stuff’. So far I’ve given several items away on freecycle (an old mobile phone, a bag of empty cd cases, those multiple packs of tampons and towels that I wasn’t going to use, and a skype phone I originally got from freecycle anyway!). There’s a few more items to go – such as my old scanner, once I find the leads, and then I’ll start sorting through my cds and dvds and seeing what I can sell. To be honest most of them I haven’t watched or listened to in months? years? so even a couple of quid for most of them would be fine. We’re hopefully getting a car soon, once Chris gets his bonus, so I might ask him if we can do a carboot sale or something. The ultimate goal is to really work towards clearing some debt this year – I currently have £1229 on the credit card, £300 overdraft (always used), £1575 loan – plus my student loan. Ugh. Thats a lot of debt :(

Finally, today I tried ‘old fashioned’ cleaning for the first time – I used the rough salt and bicarb scrub method on the kitchen sink, and I must say it worked well :) It’ll be good to get away from nasty chemicals – although I did purchase a bottle of bleach today for use in SMALL quantities now and then – ie today I soaked all our cloths, washing up brush etc in a basin of water with a splash of bleach added to kill any nasties. I need to research how to get rid of limescale (toilet/kettle) without using nasties, but apart from that I think it’ll be easy to switch over.


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