8 Random Facts About Me…

Ok, I’ve been tagged by a couple people for this now, so I suppose I better do it :P I’m meant to tag another 8 people but to be quite honest all the people who I know read this have already been tagged, sooo… I tag anyone who reads this to do it if they haven’t already :P

So, 8 Random Facts About Me:

1) I’m really scared of strange dogs, to the point of crossing the road sometimes to avoid them, yet I get on absolutely fine with Kethry’s dog, my friend Leanne’s dogs, the neighbour’s dog that we walk occassionally, etc.

2) I still suck my thumb now and then, generally when I’m particularly tired. Bad bad habit!

3) I’m clinically obese. I’d really like that to not be the case, but it is.

4) I have a total of 6 1/2 inches of scarring on my ankle from my broken ankle several years ago – it looks very very similar to this on the outside of the ankle, shorter on the inside but a lot thicker and messier (they had to do a second op through the same place, to take one of the screws out). It’s now healed but I’m left with a metal plate and screw, and a joint that seizes up at every oppurtunity (ie when I drive for more than 30 minutes, when I’m sat down at work, If I kneel down for more than 2 minutes). I’m incredibly grateful for the NHS as in the US this would have cost thousands and thousands of dollars.

5) My dad began a nervous breakdown in front of me when I was about 11, while the Lighthouse Family’s song ‘High’ was playing. I still can’t listen to that song without crying. It plays on the radio at work and I have to tune it out completely to get through it.

6) I did a year and a half of a History of Art degree before quitting because I was bored witless of the majority of the subject matter. I still can’t decide if that was a bad idea or not. I still love art theory and I wish I could figure out some way to study it just for my own amusement (ie, without giving up my life, moving away from home, or spending every waking moment either working or studying).

7) I’m intelligent and studious (I’ve never got less than a B grade in anything at school, college and uni), yet I’m working a boring job that requires no more than a basic head for sums.

8) The tips of my fingers are double jointed ( as well as bending inwards, ie when you cup something in your hand, they bend out to almost 90* at the last knuckle).


3 Comments to “8 Random Facts About Me…”

  1. with the history of art- i did a free online course last year that was quite interesting. no qualification just for myself, you can do it as and when you’ve got a bit of time. can’t remember the link, think it was something to do with the tate gallery. but i found it by punching in free online art course – might be worth you having a look.

  2. The Open University has some art history courses, although it’s not something I know anything about so I don’t know whether they would be of interest to you. Studying with the OU is hard work, but rewarding if the subject matter is interesting. You might even be able to count some of your previous university courses as credits towards an OU degree. Some of the courses look expensive at the outset, but you get very good teaching materials and you can pay by installments if necessary.

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