Venturing Into The Garden…

I ventured into the garden today (the first time since late summer last year). Due to the appalling weather last year  (constant rain) I pretty much gave up entirely on it, let things go and didn’t harvest things I could have (beans and tomatoes got well past usable before I noticed them). Come the end of summer I just left it all as it stood! The only thing I got around to was taking off and binning the plastic cover for my mini greenhouse – it was ripped to shreds by repeated storms.  I left the frame up intending to measure it up to see if I could get a replacement but… well.. I never got round to that either!

So today I cleared all the old plants, dismantled the supports (canes/netting) and dug the bed over. It’s still lovely crumbly soil, so at least all the hard work I put in digging it over and adding compost was worthwhile. I also cleared out the big pots of strawberries – there were plenty of dead leaves in there but amazingly the plants are thriving!

Finally I cleared the remains of the courgette plants from their pots and tipped the used compost onto the bed – it won’t have enough nutrients for more pot-growing, but should be fine mixed in with the soil to help make it yet more crumbly.

The other jobs still to do are to clear the dwarf bean plants from their pots on the patio – and again empty the soil out, clean all the pots thoroughly (at the moment the outside tap is switched off at the ‘mains’, so it’ll have to wait), and measure the greenhouse up for a new cover. I also need to plan what’s going where – I will be making some changes this year, for example slug-prone things won’t be going in the bed, but in pots; the courgettes (in pots/growbags) will be back on the patio – they thrived that way the first year, and i think being on concrete rather than grass dissuades the slugs.  I definitely want to concentrate more on some peppers and chillis this year – which will be in the greenhouse – I’ll use pots rather than growbags as again it makes it easier to control slugs.

I’ve started writing up a list of my seeds, with planting times etc. Once I’ve completed that I’ll upload it to the blog as a seperate page and an easy reference for myself.


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