Well, we both had a pretty shit day.

Work for me was manically busy, short staffed, and just one after another a**holes with nothing better to do than scream at someone about something that’s out of their control. Today’s favourites: the one who is well known for being abusive and trying to bully staff to do his bidding; the ‘christian’ society member who spat abuse at me for daring to ask her to bag her coin seperately (so I can deal with her faster, and thus cut down queue times), and the lovely bloke who screamed ‘don’t you think it would be a fucking good idea to open another till?!’. Because yes, I LOVE dealing with a queue of angry people on my own when I’m feeling ill anyway. Really, there’s actually staff just hanging out behind here doing nothing just to annoy you.

Then for Chris it was an even shitter day – his boss has weaseled out of a £3-4k bonus he promised him (arguing over how the savings Chris has made for the company add up, basically. Chris was promised a percentage of them). Unfortunatly, there’s pretty much bugger all he can do, as he can’t endanger his job. He’s negotatiated a payrise, and will hopefully be leaving the company. This is a bit of a blow though – the money was earmarked for paying off some debts, buying a cheap car to share, and paying upfront for flights to Canada before his dad would ‘refund’ us for them.

Ho hum.

I’m trying not to let things get to me but tonight I’m having a few drinks and a load of chocolate. I know I’m dieting, and I know comfort eating is destructive behaviour. But t helps a bit ;)


Plans for the weekend are 1) booking driving test #2, 2) planting garlic, 3) meal planning/food shopping (have talked to C about cutting down the food budget by eating more pulses and less ‘fake meat’), and 4) getting started putting things on ebay. I’m determined to make some extra cash on top of my wages this month.  We might also pop over to Brigg (local small town) to see a friend.


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  1. I still can’t believe people behave like that. maybe its my naievity, but i’ve never seen anyone behave like that in a bank/building society, or a shop or anywhere for that matter, but then.. we both know i miss a lot :)

    *huggggggggsss to you both*. work stinks.


  2. As a percentage of the day, these events aren’t a lot – maybe a total of 10-15 minutes. Unless you happened to be next in the line at that particular time, you wouldn’t ever notice it.

    Luckily, the vast majority of customers aren’t like that :)

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