Seeds, 2008

Well, I’ve finally got around to sorting through my seeds. I’ve thrown any out of date ones, and sorted the rest into envelopes by type (ie, all the tomatoes together). Hopefully this should stop me buying things I already have! I also picked up a cheap plastic storage box today, so they’re all in there, nice and neat and easy to find what I want.

There’s a list below of everything I currently have – I have a few more on the way from seed swaps (mini peppers, sage, mint), which should leave very little to buy this year apart from some cut n come again lettuce. There are some things I’ll need to research a little more thoroughly before picking the variety to devote space to – ie courgettes, many of which I got free or as part of poundland bargain multipacks.

As you can see from this I’m picky about what I grow – as I have limited space I tend to go for the veggies I really love, or those that are expensive/best really fresh (ie, peas from the pod!). At the moment I have no plans to grow standard onions, carrots, potatoes, etc. There are a couple of things on my ‘maybe’ list at the moment – broccoli (space intensive?), fennel (I’ve never even tasted it – will have to try some before I devote precious space to it) and winter squash (butternut/gem – as I like them but don’t LOVE them, and they take a lot of space).

I plan to plant garlic this weekend and chillis soon – let the growing commence!


Lettuce/Salad – Lollo Rossa, Mustard Greens, Chicory, Raddichio, mixed
Pak Choi
Radish – Scarlet Globe, French Breakfast
Spinach – Spinnaker
Spinach Beet

Peppers (hot) – Jalapeno, Meek and Mild, Cayenne, mixed
Peppers (sweet) – Corno, Yolo Wonder, Californian Wonder
Courgette – Gold Rush, Black Forest, Black Beauty, Zuboda, Green Bush
Tomato – Roma, Moneymaker, Gardener’s Delight, Gartenperle
Cucumber – Marketmore
Squash – Butternut, Gem
Aubergine – Black Beauty, Moneymaker, Mini Bambino

Purple Sprouting Broccoli
Florence Fennel – Chiarino

Spring Onion – White Lisbon

Beans (climbing) – Borlotta, Blue Lake
Beans (dwarf) – Kitchen Favourite, Purple Queen, The Prince, Ferrari
Pea – Sugar Snap, Kelvedon Wonder, Meteor

Basil – Sweet Genovese, Dark Opal
Lemon Balm

Seeds I have lurking around that I don’t plan on growing:
Cabbage – Golden Acre
Carrot – Nantes
Onion – Rijnsburger
Beetroot – Boltardy


One Comment to “Seeds, 2008”

  1. courgettes: grow black forest (if only one seed, just to try it. if it works for you then you know next year to get more, cos of the space saving properties) and gold rush. I like gold rush – the colours are pretty, and look fabby in a dish with say green and gold courgettes. just rings the changes, yanno?

    fennel is a lovely vegetable but it is aniseedy tasting. if you don’t like aniseed you won’t much like fennel. you should be able to buy one at a local market, if you fancy trying it.

    looking forward to reading about all the results!


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