I’ve actually had a reasonably productive weekend (unusual, for me!). Over the last two days I’ve thoroughly cleaned the kitchen, done 3 loads of laundry, folded and put away a significant amount more than that, sorted through my seed collection, cleared out the ‘dishtowels and plastic bags’ drawer (and in the process found £5 worth of batteries I’d lost), covered a plain notebook in pretty paper and clear plastic (garden diary), and done a silly amount of washing up. I also managed to fit in two shopping trips (one into town for the model shop, post office, poundland and lidls, one to Asda), a driving lesson, and got a hoover from freecycle!

The things I didn’t get done – getting things on ebay, planting garlic (too wet),  booking driving test (have to check days off at work).

All in all I’m satisfied – it makes a good change to accomplish something with days I’d usually waste at the computer.


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